Simply integrate AFS everywhere

AFS forms can be integrated into existing portal systems


AFS forms can be integrated into existing portal systems. The following points are addressed:

  • Uniform "look and feel" of portal and form
  • Integration in the iFrame or as standalone forms
  • Automatic completion of form fields (initialization) from portal data or application data
  • Transfer of user rights from the portal for forms (display, filling out, sending)
  • Displaying status information on applications
  • (Intermediate) saving and loading of applications
  • Deleting temporarily saved applications
  • Reopening sent applications

Interaction aforms server & Portal

  1. Logging in to the portal
  2. Reading the application lists, status information & metadata from the aforms inbox
  3. Displaying the personal application lists
  4. Calling up a form in the portal
  5. Filling out and submitting the form
  6. Transferring the recorded data to the aforms inbox
  7. Reading of the data by the aforms relay and forwarding to the specialist system

Supported portal systems

In principle, AFS forms can be integrated into any portal system. The following integrations have already been implemented:

  • Liferay (E-Control)
  • Gentics (RTR, SVC)
  • eGov Portal (Department of DETEC)
  • iGovportal.ch (Canton of Solothurn)
  • Onegov.ch (Canton of Zug)
  • Sharepoint (FMA Liechtenstein)
  • Magnolia (VAV Versicherung)

Supported portal network systems

aforms server and aforms designer support the Austrian Portal Network Protocol (PVP) and the Enterprise Service Portal Protocol (USP). The portal attributes can be used to pre-fill form fields.