Maintenance & Support

We take care of your problems

Migrating form stocks to new AFS product versions requires product and testing know-how. We migrate existing form collections and then carry out the necessary functional tests. This guarantees a smooth process when installing new product versions.

Installation & Integration

The installation serves to put aforms products optimally into operation in the customer's system environment. 

It includes the delivery of the product, the configuration and the configuration documentation. Installation by our experts ensures that AFS products are optimally integrated.


We also offer the creation and operation of aforms online forms in a rental model. We analyze, implement, install, operate and monitor the online service.

Product extension on customer request

We are happy to implement expansion requests for our products. AFORMSOLUTION (AFS) is growing to meet the business needs of the AFS community. In doing so, we rely on the professional competence and comprehensive cooperation of our customers.