Exact planning pays off

The design of the online forms system is an essential part of the e-government strategy of an administrative organization. We have many years of experience in the introduction of electronic form systems.

Our strategy consultancy provides information on national and international standards. We highlight technical options and solutions as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Together with all stakeholders in the client organization, we take an important step towards realigning the electronic forms system.

Forms management

aforms lays a module-oriented foundation for sustainable forms management. We ensure the structure, uniformity, standards compliance and functional consistency of our customers' online forms in the long term. We offer support for the entire form portfolio. We act as a central point of contact for those responsible for forms when it comes to change requests, new requirements and responding to inquiries or error messages.

We are also happy to pass on this form management expertise to the customer's commissioned departments on request.

Change management

The (paper-based) application system has been established for decades. Departments create "their" forms independently. The individual people responsible for forms are not always aware of the benefits of centralized form management.

Projects to standardize and realign the forms system therefore require a strong focus on the change process within the organization, in addition to strategic and technical expertise.We have a "best practice" approach here, which we adapt to the respective project and organizational needs.