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Compliant with standards

AFS forms comply with international and national standards, such as the style guide for online forms 3.0 of the BLSG working group (AT), or essential eCH e-government standards (CH). In addition, the form generator can be adapted to the style guides specified by customers.


AFS can display and validate international and national data types, e.g: IBAN, AHV number (CH), company register number (AT), SVNR number (AT), UID company identification number (CH), UID sales tax identification number (AT).

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AFS is based on JAVA technology on the server side and can therefore be operated on open source or commercial platforms. AFS forms can be used on the client side with common browsers on desktop and mobile devices without additional extensions.

All AFS functions at a glance

Start, input, check, close


The optional introductory page provides information about the procedure and the requirements. The user then fills in the required form fields on input pages. The form offers broad support through validation, dynamics and logic.

Saving the data allows the form session to be interrupted at any time and continued at another time. The optional printout allows you to switch to the paper world to complete the application by hand or submit it with a manual signature.After data entry, the control page is displayed. Here you can check all the data entered, make any necessary corrections and send the application.Various options can be configured for sending the application: From digital dispatch to printout and postal transmission. For digital transmission, an e-signature and/or e-payment can also be provided. The applications are sent to the AFS mailbox or a third-party application.

Finally, the final page is displayed with the sent data and a signed confirmation of receipt. The confirmed application data can be printed and saved.

As an alternative to the completion screen, a generated print document can be provided directly. Together with the AFS e-payment connection, this enables particularly user-friendly e-government services. For example, applying for, paying for and receiving a fishing license or parking permit can be done in one step.

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All AFS functions at a glance