Define once - use everywhere

Forms for online, mobile, print and as a data interface.

We implement optimized forms for structured information retrieval for administrative and business processes. When designing forms, we are guided by national and international standards as well as specialist requirements and company standards. Our form designers create many hundreds of forms every year.

AFS forms are characterized by only having to be defined once in order to be available in different environments. This reduces implementation and maintenance costs

Form applications

By form applications, we mean web applications that provide a "framework" around the forms offered. For example, the form application can be used to identify the customer, display applications that have already been submitted or prepared and provide status information on ongoing procedures.


Document automation

Additional documents (e.g. decisions, response letters) are often created by clerks as part of application processing. These are usually based on document templates that are supplemented with data from the application, information from specialist systems or entries.


Online forms are often at the start of a process. Processing the applications received can trigger a multi-stage process. Using the captured data without media discontinuity speeds up the process and saves resources.

AFS does not provide a workflow module itself, but can be easily connected to existing solutions.Our specialists advise on the integration of workflow systems. Based on this, we implement form workflows.