Test our online forms right here

Here you can try out selected functions of our form generator AFORMSOLUTION (AFS) yourself. Create your own intelligent online forms in just a few steps, guided by online tutorials.

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Change form layout

Change the entire layout of a form with just one click, online & mobile.

Dynamic form

Integrate form dynamics and easily create intelligent online forms.

Create field dynamics

Integrate certain field dynamics, replace and lock field entries.

PDF print form

Provide online forms including completed data also as a PDF print form.

Mandatory fields and errors

Easily convert input fields into mandatory fields and configure the form logic based on the fill-in conditions.

Workflows with AFS

Define simple workflows with AFS.

Table functions

Create clear tables, sort, filter, expand and collapse data records and extract values from CSV files.

Date validation

Find out the age of majority or the age of the applicant using the configurable AFS Extender.

Simple calculations

Easily integrate any calculations into your AFS forms.

Customized blocks

Customize standard AFS blocks such as the address block in just a few steps and insert them into your form.

Calculations in tables

Integrate certain calculations quickly and easily into form tables.