Instructions: Create an online form with simple calculations

AFS forms make it possible to use field values in definable formulas and display the calculated results in the form again. In the example shown, predefined cost centers can be added together.

This tutorial describes in a few steps how you can integrate calculations into a form using AFORMSOLUTION 

Step by step instructions:

Step 1: Log in to the aforms designer:

Figure 1: Login window aforms designer

Step 2: Select form:


Figure 2: Opening the form preview

Figure 3: Preview of the form without calculation

Now click on the "Calculation_travel_expenses_empty" form in the "Form name" column to edit it.

Step 3: Add calculation:

Under the "Extender" item, click on the add icon to add a calculation extender to the form.

Figure 4: Under "Extender", click on "the Add icon to create a calculation

Step 4: Add formula:


Figure 5: Select the corresponding extender in the "Extender" field and add it under "Variable"

Figure 6: The right variables can be easily selected via the form tree

Now enter "=#V1+#V2+#V3" under "Formula" to add all three variables.

Figure 7: The formula is stored in the "Formula" field and the output field is defined under "Target field"

Now enter the output field under "Target field", also using the symbol to the right of the "Select from form tree" field. Now enter the "Total (sum)" field


Figure 8: The output field of the calculation can now be selected via the form tree


Figure 9: Enter the desired number of decimal places here

Step 5: Apply/save changes:

Click on the Apply icon at the top until you are in the form view and then click on the Save icon to go to the form collection view.

Step 6: Synchronize changes on the server:

In the list of forms, click on the synchronization icon to apply the changes to the form.

Figure 10: Your changes take effect via "Adjust"

Step 7: Call up the finished form:

After this, you can call up the form that has now been saved with a calculation again via the preview icon and test the calculation you have just inserted.

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