Maintenance & operation

Here you will find everything you need to know about "Maintenance & Operation".

  • Failover
  • Backups of form collections
  • User roles in form design
  • Logging in form design
  • Preview & Deployment
  • Form server synchronization
  • Staging
  • Session monitoring & logging
  • Statistics


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AFS supports clustering via databases. This means that if an application server is unavailable, the forms can continue to be processed as another application server takes over the session. For this purpose, all session information is stored in a database and a virtual ID is assigned for each session.
AFS also supports the connection of multiple mail servers. This ensures the reliability of mail delivery.

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Backups of form collections

This function enables the automatic backup, versioning and restoration of form collections.

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User roles in forms design

The aforms designer has a group and user management system that makes it possible to assign each user exclusively the forms and functionalities required for the respective task.

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Logging in the form design

All user actions during form maintenance can be logged.

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Preview & Deployment

The forms can be called up immediately in the aforms designer and transferred for approval or to live operation (deployment). With the appropriate authorization, it is possible to control whether a specific form can be called up productively.

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Form server synchronization

The aforms server can take over the form inventory of another form server during operation. This makes it easy for form designers to transfer forms from the test environment to production.

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AFS forms are configured once in aforms designer for different operating environments (e.g. development, acceptance, production). Web service access, databases and form parameters can be set depending on the current operating environment (staging).

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Session monitoring & logging

A display of the active sessions of all form servers in an operating environment is provided for operational support. This function supports administrators when shutting down form servers for maintenance work

An extensive log function and an error database enable professional operational management of the form system.

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AFS offers comprehensive statistics for analyzing forms. From simple success control (calls vs. aborts) to detailed recording of form usage (navigation, errors, help calls, etc.), user behavior is recorded anonymously. The statistics function is the key to the continuous improvement of forms.

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