Canton of Schaffhausen relies on the AFS multi-party feature for municipal forms

With this AFS feature, the canton provides its municipalities with standardized forms that they can offer with municipality-specific content.

In order to improve cooperation between different municipalities and optimize processes, Informatik Schaffhausen (ITSH) - formerly KSD, has decided to use the multi-party function of aforms2web. This function makes it possible to create and effectively use general forms with individual content for the departments involved. A form layout can be created once and then passed on to different parties (clients). ITSH has used this feature for its municipalities, with specific content available to each municipality.

The digitalization of administrative processes is a significant step towards more efficient and customer-oriented services. ITSH - The IT company of the Canton of Schaffhausen has chosen to work with aforms2web to achieve this goal. A particularly efficient feature of AFS (AFORMSOLUTION) is the multi-party management, which enables different municipalities to access the same form without having to create the layout for each municipality individually. The municipality-specific form is designed using CSS or a layout of the respective municipality stored on the form server. Elements such as municipal logos, letterhead and corporate identity are stored centrally in a database and retrieved for each municipality.

The municipalities of Gächlingen, Hallau, Hemishofen, Neunkirch, Schleitheim, Siblingen and Wilchingen have already benefited from this function. The services offered by these municipalities include orders for payment slips, proof of residence, certificates of domicile, dog registrations, rental of fixed bench sets and parking spaces as well as orders for life certificates and character certificates.

The use of the multi-party feature has significantly reduced the administrative burden for the municipalities. A form layout that is created just once can be used for all municipalities without the need for further adjustments. Individual content such as address data, logos or preset values in fields are automatically integrated into the form at the relevant hierarchy level. This saves ITSH time and resources that can be used for other tasks.

Overall, the successful collaboration between ITSH and aforms2web shows that the use of modern technologies and digital solutions in public administration leads to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. Providing common forms based on the same template and containing individual content for different bodies enables efficient and customer-focused administration while saving time and resources.