Project success: The new PGK calculators

With the two new calculators based on AFS, "Gross-Net Calculator" and "Additional Earnings Calculator for Childcare Allowance", pharmacists and aspirants have two new tools at their disposal.

At the beginning of January, we were able to record a particular success: Together with the Pharmaceutical Salary Fund for Austria, we were able to successfully launch the two forms "Gross-Net Calculator" and "Additional Earnings Calculator Childcare Allowance".

The gross-net calculator offers pharmacists and aspiring pharmacists the opportunity to calculate their gross and net monthly salary. The clear presentation of the payroll in the form makes it easy to understand the composition of the monthly salary - salary fund remuneration plus collectively agreed remuneration

The gross-net calculator allows you to enter all salary-relevant data

The "Additional earnings calculator for childcare allowance" form can be used to easily calculate the permissible annual earnings while receiving lump-sum childcare allowance.

A special feature of these two forms is that there is no submit function. As a rule, e-forms are sent to a backend system for further processing once they have been completed. In the case of the two calculator forms, however, this is not necessary as all results are already displayed in a clear form on the control or results page. Thanks to a manually set PDF layout, all calculations can also be viewed and retrieved in PDF format.

You are welcome to try out the functionality of the calculator forms for yourself.

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