New in the AFS community: Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists

We are delighted to welcome the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists as a new customer to the AFS community. We are currently working together on the "Sales reporting cards for pharmacies" project.

For our new customer, the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists, we are currently implementing sales reporting cards for hospital pharmacies and public pharmacies as an online form. This involves pharmacies reporting their annual turnover and other key figures to the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists.

The reporter first logs into the portal of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists and opens an online form pre-filled with the pharmacy's master data. The key figures for the year under review (turnover, number of employees, etc.) are entered into this form. Various validations and checks, which take place directly in the online form, are of particular importance. This supports correct data entry by the pharmacies and only logically consistent data is received by the processing department.

The clerks then have the option of checking the data using internal AFS forms. Depending on the processing status, the applicant receives an email notification: "Application being reviewed", "Application accepted" or "Application rejected".

We are very pleased about the growth in the AFS community and warmly welcome the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists.