Promotion programs at Energie Wasser Bern with AFORMSOLUTION (AFS)

The focus of this project was to improve efficiency and data quality when applying for funding.

The project aimed to significantly improve the efficiency and data quality of the funding program processes of the energy supply company Energie Wasser Bern - ewb.

Until now, 300 subsidy program applications were submitted to Energie Wasser Bern as PDF documents by email or post every year, with a sharp upward trend. These applications had to be processed manually and the customer data saved in Excel lists for controlling purposes. This process required considerable effort, as the customer data had to be laboriously transferred from the applications to the Excel lists and confirmations had to be sent by post or personal mailbox. This approach was neither user-friendly nor could reliable data quality be guaranteed.

As part of the project, the previous PDF form was replaced by an online form on the website, resulting in an improved customer experience. The implementation of an automated workflow also enabled the flow of data into a database, which led to more efficient processing of application data. This relieved employees of time-consuming operational tasks and improved data quality.

"With AFORMSOLUTION, we have a flexible solution to quickly and easily offer additional funding programs or adapt existing ones. The automatic sending of emails makes our work much easier."
Erich Jungo
Head of Customer Experience Management & Simplicity
Energie Wasser Bern